My Projects


Many of the following projects are now available in my public repository at:

Personal Projects:

  • Developed switch button shutdown/restart daemon and hardware implementation for Raspberry Pi

(Details in:
Synopsis: This project aimed to develop a hardware solution to control Raspberry Pi shutdown/restart without having to always
use software. The source code for this project’s repo has been very popular among Raspberry Pi community and has been
downloaded hundreds of times.

  • Developed a QR Code encoder for console application

(Details in:
Synopsis: This project implemented QR Code encoding in version 1 alphanumeric mode.

  • Developed a property page extension for Microsoft Portable Executable (PE) Format files (.exe and .dll files)

(Ref: Source is

Synopsis: This project allows specifically targeted to developers allows them to view binary information in a PE file in an Explorer property page extension. My program, PEPropPageExt, is a freeware that has a lot of features (for instance – both Visual C++ and GNU C++ name demangling, decoding of legacy MSDOS code into 16-bit x86 instructions etc.).

  • Developed a property page extension for Executable and Linking Format (ELF) binary files (Linux executable and .so files)

(Ref: Source is

Synopsis: This project aimed to build a Python based property page extension for ‘Nautilus’ window manager of Ubuntu Linux. The software decodes binary data encoded in a Linux binary and shows them in a human readable form.

  • Developed an application to communicate with the Wii remote device

Synopsis: This project aimed to build an user application capable of communicating with the Wii remote device over Bluetooth. It utilized information available from ‘WiiBrew’ website to read button press as well as inbuilt accelerometer data in real-time.

  • Developed a home-use application for auditing internet usage quota called ‘BitCount’

Synopsis: This project was designed to solve problem of division of internet expenses in the household by keeping audit of data usage. The application consisted of two programs – one user interface program written in Visual Basic 6.0 and other a Windows Service written in Visual C++. The application also had multilingual capability using UNICODE.

  • Developed an extension to Microsoft SkyDrive desktop application

(Ref: Source is

Synopsis: Microsoft SkyDrive allows for up to 30 GB of free storage. But the original application allows nominating only one folder in computer to monitor and upload changes. My project was an attempt to overcome this limitation by allowing synchronization of multiple folders. This project was written in Nokia’s Qt framework.

University Projects:

  • Designed a fully functional Drink Vending Machine circuit for FPGA hardware in VHDL code

(Ref: Document is and Source is

Synopsis: This project aimed to design a FPGA based vending machine which reacts to user input as well as provides visual cues as output. The project makes use of hardware provided by the university and hence uses LEDs and Seven segment displays for visual output.

  • ·          Designed a ModCon based digital voltage controller in C

(Ref: Source is

Synopsis: This project aimed to design a voltage controller using embedded hardware, ModCon (Freescale 16-bit fixed-point microcontroller), in C language. The inputs are connected to the Analog-to-Digital Controller connected to the microcontroller which in turn responds to voltage changes (which are sine waves) and outputs it responses as a digital high or low through its Digital-to-Analog Controller. This project also helped me learn about implementing floating points in a fixed-point microcontroller.

  • Designed an embedded system to perform sequence check operation with switches and seven segment displays in DSX Experimenter Kit

(Ref: Source is

Synopsis: This project aimed to use DSX Experimenter Kit’s PIC and CPLD modules to work among themselves to create a pattern recognition system. The PIC part was programmed in assembly which handled getting outputs from CPLD and outputting to LCD matrix display while the CPLD handled user inputs from dip switches and pattern recognition using circuits of binary AND/OR gates designed using VHDL in Xilinux’s GUI-based circuit designer.

  • Planned and designed a SCADA system for a Waste Treatment Plant in C#

(Ref: Source is

Synopsis: This project aimed to teach the students working in a team to develop a software product following all the phases from design to coding and testing using the waterfall model of software development. I administrated and coordinated the work among members as well as handled meeting arrangements and product presentation. Lastly, I also was the lead programmer for the software. The project’s scope was only limited to develop a testable SCADA system’s mimic screen with a testing program.

  • Designed a prototype of Thermoelectric Cooler System designed for cold drink storage using Peltier effect of thermoelectric device

(Ref: Document is

Synopsis: This research aimed to study the potential of the use of thermoelectric device to replace conventional cooling methods. The document above shows the findings of the research.