UWP Custom control: Marquee Control

This project creates a marquee control to use with Universal Windows Platform apps. The following animated GIF sums everything about this control.

UWP MarqueeControl


Source code


2 thoughts on “UWP Custom control: Marquee Control

  1. uwp marquee control :
    how can i dynamically chenge textblock contents and AnimationDuration in my program .
    for example i want get newticker from web service and dynamically change text contents and animation duration for that.

    1. Changing ‘Text’ or ‘AnimationDuration’ properties causes the control to reset animation. Rightly so, because the calculations have changed. If you want to regularly update from web service, you’ll have to handle all these calculations yourselves taking into account delays in reply from server. Unfortunately, these are out of scope for this control at its current stage.

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