UWP Custom control: Expandable Row ListView

I was working on a Universal Windows Platform app where I needed a ListView whose rows can be expanded to reveal further data underneath it. I think these controls are called DataRowTables in Web UI programming. So, I decided to write one.

ExpandableRowListView usage animation

To use it, you can either bind its ‘ItemsSource’ to an ‘IEnumerable<ExpandableRowListViewItem>’ or add static items in XAML or add static items in code using ‘ExpandableRowListView.Items.Add(…)’ method. These usages are shown in the project containing the source code.

Source code


7 thoughts on “UWP Custom control: Expandable Row ListView

  1. Hi! thanks for this awesome control. I implemented it successfully in my project, however I’m looking for a way to remove the animations when I tap on an item. It bounces a couple of times, and it is not consistent with my bare project. Thanks.

    1. I have updated the code in SVN to remove item bounces on click and added fade animation when row is collapsed. Please update your local copy from repository.

  2. How did you make the content of the items have the same color as the header in the example(on hover and pressed)? Because I can’t seem to get that result when using the code, or i must have accidently deleted or forgotten something.
    Gave 5 stars ;)

    1. It’s been a while that I have worked on this project but I don’t think a grouped collection is supported yet. For my use case, the current implementation was enough.

      Unfortunately, you’re on your own on this one.

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